Lastly, I have reached out to our Sheriff, Mike Boudreux. He has stated we are within our constitutional rights to be open, and they will NOT enforce shelter-in-place orders. With our extra safety measures, as outlined above, we are doing our part to protect our congregation, but ultimately, you are responsible, with God's leading, for your decisions regarding your health and well being.


As a pastor, I wrestle with two things that God requires of a leader, carefulness, and courage. Caring for God's people is what I am tasked with, but also leading with courage is what God expects of me. Those are two sides of one coin. We have closed the church for two months and have done what we can to help, but what's happening now, I believe, is becoming more about politics than helping people. Ultimately, we are choosing to open because we believe God is leading us to do so AND we believe it is our constitutional right to do so. We will join thousands of churches around our country in reopening Pentecost Sunday.


Blessings, Pastor Regan


*Portions of this statement are copied and pasted from other ministries as we look abroad for wise council.


Proverbs 15:22 - Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.